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By the Mountain's Feet

by Buckman Coe

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    My second album was my first experience of real professional studio and features some incredible musicians including Steve Dawson, Paul Rigby, Sam Cartwright, Brian Minato, and Mary Ancheta. Mostly folk and Americana. Comes with a full lyric and photo booklet. Produced by Jason Kechely. Ask if you want it signed :)

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“What stands out are the gorgeous little touches—like the calypso-tinted guitars in the lite-and-breezy “Not So Farfetched” and the molasses-dipped harmonies in the wonderful country comedown “Plot Thick It Grows” ... If this were 1973, back when singer-songwriters ruled the earth, Coe wouldn’t have much time for side pursuits...he’d be busy cashing gold-record royalty cheques and house-hunting in Laurel Canyon. If that sounds hyperbolic, it shouldn’t, because By the Mountain’s Feet, is really that good”
- Mike Usinger from the Georgia Straight June 29, 2011


released March 13, 2012

Words & Music by Buckman Coe
Produced & Arranged by Jason Kechely
Mixed by Chon with Jason Kechely
Engineered by Chon at Profile Sound, Sheldon Zaharko at the Factory, and Jason Kechely
Mastered by Graemme Brown at Zen Mastering



all rights reserved


Buckman Coe Vancouver, British Columbia

Conscious Roots and Soul Musician. Folky beginnings, evolving into Americana, World, Reggae, Psychedelic Adventures. Uplifting and Hopeful, Messaging from the Heart. Peace for Earth's People.

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Track Name: Not So Farfetched
Come on pack your bags,
Let's leave 'em at the station
What did your guru say?
'There's only one moment to be living in'
This is how the story of you and I begins
And it's not so farfetched...

If we surrender control,
Will we find out where we're going?
You ask about my history,
But what am I a memory?
She says I'm science fiction,
I say she's fantasy and it's not so farfetched

Only one moment to be living in...
Life moves so fast...
Track Name: The Apocalypse is Not Guaranteed
I sure like it here the birds and the trees,
Sitting quiet by the mountain's feet
And the math may baffle your mind,
A planet such as this is hard to find

The Apocalypse is Not Guaranteed
Just because it's written in some books,
Far as I know hope is still free

This is our cathedral,
Can we let it be?
Keep the oil out of our seas
Cos we all choke with the sludge in our lungs
This constant need for more must be overcome

Just as the light comes with the dawn,
I'm sure this light will shine on everyone,
And time will surely come,
When we have no choice but to act as one
Track Name: Lazy River
Lazy River, flowing clean lift the sleeping from my dream
Lazy River, moving fast there's no future there's no past
Lazy River, all around I'm sure glad that I left town

Rolling down the mountain side
bringing the damns down one at a time
Rolling down Rolling down

Lazy River, cold and clear drink the dharma no more fear
Lazy River, is all I see surround me in your symphony
Lazy River, is all I hear separation disappear
Track Name: Honey Child
Don't love me just once, love me once again
we've got time before I catch my train
I'll be gone for many a day,
I got to remember your kiss or I'll go insane

Well, I'm going down to the end of the world
gonna make a fortune for my boy and girl
I might gamble maybe once or twice
I'll keep it tucked in 'cos you are my wife

Honey Child love me one more time,
give me a kiss let's me know you're mine
Honey Child you drive me wild
I'll be loving you for a long long while
Honey Child love me once again
my love for you will never end

When I come back take care of me,
aw honey let me climb your cherry tree
Treat me good baby treat me right,
you know I'm gonna have quite an appetite!
Don't love me just once love me once again,
once as your lover and once as your friend
When I come back that's where I'll stay
so I can kiss you girl and watch our children play
Track Name: Plot Thick It Grows
I talk to a strange guy all day long,
it's a steady stream of dangling melodies
It's all that I can do, to keep from laughing
making sense of nothing
is entertaining for some time

He says he's got a roll of film in his heart,
but doesn't know how to get that film developed
It's melting in a darkroom, saving moments for another day
is one way to prolong the pain

Oh, just don't know, plot thick it grows...
It's the same old show ... I, I don't know... plot thick it grows

Tried talking to the photographs in my past
telling them the things I think they needed to know
way back when, and being there as an older friend
Holding hands and saying...
Track Name: Devil's In You
All my promises seem broke
I don't even know when I'm lying to myself
Yeah, it's that bad and I think I'd be better off
if I just cut and run, cut and run
I could come back to my senses
Somewhere else, come back to my senses

If angels hover' round
why don't they take their chance
and save a piece of my soul
'cause the Devil's in me
Says he's in you too
And he wants to let some hell loose

Fire and Brimstone in my belly
When the claws come out
You'd better hide yourself
Yeah, it's that bad and I thought all the therapy
would have made me a better man
That I could take back everything
Said and done, take back everything

You've had your chances, and I've had mine
But when we sin together it's fatal but it feels divine
And you've got no reason to think that I have changed
But if there's no hope of redemption
Heaven and Hell they're both the same
Track Name: Rest
Hold on, catch your breath while you can
hold on to my hand as we pass through this barren land
Nothing's left since the day it came

Lay your head on my chest and rest,
take what time we have left before the Sun sets

Before you know, we'll cover the distance we'd planned
before you quit on me, remember the things we'd said
I tie my heart to your heart, we can
Track Name: Paranoia
Traitors occupy my mind
with their plots to rule mankind
they want to put a chip in my spine
I'm lucky, lucky to be alive
people disappearing all the time
just as soon as they realize

Paranoia's killing me, what's the truth?
Tell me honestly
Are police keeping tabs on me?
my mind's messed up won't let me be

Oil spills are the price of their greed,
There's enough food in this world to feed,
They are selling arms to watch both sides bleed
They got bunkers to hide in when the bombs go off
TV screens to watch them drop
and they'll stay there 'til the danger's gone
Track Name: Promise
So much trouble, for your troubles
following you from day to day
threats from the authorities
Where can you go on your own?
When you're either idolized or brutalized

Where can we go, without the ones?
To promise us, a way back home
A way back home...

Take on the sorrows for our tomorrows,
challenging the order of things while the bullets ring
There's no hate in your words,
truly great humanity, humanity

If we try to find it, will we find it
If we look inside, will we find it
Track Name: Brother
We feel the earth with our feet,
The moon leads us to the sea
Where the fish lay in their ponds,
And dream of times now gone
The wind moves through the trees,
It's how the ancient voices speak,
Of how things must be and how we meet who we're meant to meet

Brother, You say destiny waits we must meet it half way,
As the river meets waves

Under clouds of sea foam
We talk the known and unknown,
With mirrors in our eyes that reflect each other's lives,
How nature and our friends,
Will lift us up when we're tired,
This how love for all things on this good earth will be inspired

Brother, You say destiny waits we must meet it half way,
As the river meets waves
Though all things must change and we go our own ways,
Some says the same...
Track Name: Leaving Samsara
Oh my lover I must leave, I'm a stranger now unto me
though my riches have grown my soul has grown weary
Throwing dice once was a game, now it control's me

This world of illusion I've got to leave behind,
of dancing women and drinking too much wine
This world of Samsara, I've got to get away!
My love Kamala, I will leave when morning breaks

What pleasures we have known, the art of love you have shown me
but the songbird in my heart, will die unless it's set free
I must shed these fine clothes, and let your kiss become a memory

And this life I've led has left me stranded, broken, by the river
Once Again, It's all over...